The affairs of the organization are managed by the National Executiuve Board who set the strategic vison and policy for the organization under the leadership of the National President.  The National Headquarters implements the organization's programs and policies and carries out the day to day operations of NOBLE.  The National Headquarters is staffed by paid professional staff  and contractors/consultants and is led by the Executive Director. 
The National Organization of
Black Law Enforcement Executives
4609-F Pinecrest Office Park Drive
Alexandria, VA 22312-1442

Executive Board

National President John Dixon

The elected officers of the Organization shall consist of a:

  • National President,

  • National First Vice President,

  • National Second Vice President, 

  • National Treasurer,

  • National Recording Secretary,

  • National Parliamentarian,

  • National Financial Secretary,

  • National Sergeant-at-Arms,

  • Six (6) Regional Vice Presidents, 

  • Federal Assistant to the National President, and 

  • National Associate Members Representative.










The appointed officers of the Organization shall consist of:

  • Executive Director,
  • General Counsel,
  • Two (2) Special Assistant(s) to the National President, and
  • Special Assistant to the National President for International Affairs.

    These appointed positions are nonvoting.
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